Norsefyre Traveling Circus Troupe

The Midwest's One Stop Cirque Shop

What is Norsefyre

A collective of Midwest artists taking circus performance to new heights.

Norsefyre at surface level is a highly impressive traveling circus troupe with a huge stable of multitalented performers. A dominating presence in the Midwest, it's impossible to think circus performance without associating it with the Norsefyre brand. With dozens of performers across several states, including aerialists, fire performers, led prop manipulators, jugglers, balance performers, and a plethora of traditional circus skills, Norsefyre has entertainment options to fit any theme or requirement.

Under the surface we are much more then a performance group however. Norsefyre has nationally recognized and accredited instructors that teach at some of the biggest festivals in the country. We build performers from the ground up, always increasing their skill sets every day to provide you with the most talented versatile performers representing a brand they have the utmost loyalty and respect for.

Norsefyre is a collective of all artists of all art forms, and our roster also has extremely talented photographers, painters, musicians, costume creators, graphic designers, programmers, event planners, and talented individuals of all walks to help you design your dream event from the ground up and every step of the way.

When to bring in the Circus

When you think Norsefyre, you may think striped tents and peanuts, and you wouldn't be wrong! But we have entertainment groups for every type of event imaginable. Here are a few of our most popular options.

Fire Performers

Bring some serious heat to your next event with our highly experienced, professional, fully trained fire performers. Mankind has always had a fascination with fire, and our elemental fire benders tame it's primal nature.


Take your entertainment to new heights with our talented aerial crew. Decorated sky performers who have mastered the arts of silks, hammock, lyra, net, and trapeze, our aerial performers will dazzle your guests from above with feats of strength and flexibility.

Indoor LED Performers

The FyreFoxes are Norsefyre's led and silk music performers. They add a mesmerizing wave of lights and colors to any music event. On stage or roaming the crowd our foxy performers are sure to make an impression

Renaissance Performers

Norsefyre shows have been a staple of Renaissance Performance across the Midwest. Combining fire and aerial performances to Nordic war drum musical numbers, Norsefyre is the perfect addition to any day at the Faire.


A circus flair will compliment any Cosplay event. Our themed costumed performers can dazzle your audience on stage and are a phenomenal inclusion to any night time cosplay dance party.

Traditional Cirque

You can't beat an original. Be it acrobats, jugglers, unicyclists, cyr wheel, tight rope, stilt walkers, german wheel, fire breathers, or aerial performers, let us bring the big top to you.

Halloween Performers

Our spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine. With a frightening combination of flame and led lights along with costumed wandering characters sure to invoke fear, Norsefyre performers add a haunting touch to keep your guests on edge even while in line for your largest attractions

Norsefyre Collaborators

Some of our favorite and most valuable members never step on stage. Here is a collection of our top tier photographers, event designers, costume makers, venue owners and more.

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Norsefyre performers have a special passion for flames. It is in the name. With a roster of fire performers over a dozen deep with a mastery of 60+ props, Norsefyre is completely unmatched in their fire wielding expertise. Ranging from the biggest clouds of fire you've ever seen to small intimate sets of fire eating, our fire performers are eager to bring the heat to your festivities. The Norsefyre troupe takes fire safety to a new level that we believe should be the standard, employing hand trained safety personelle who have taken nationally accredited courses on fire protocol and who's only job is to maintain the safety of the venue, audience, and performers. These often-unsung heroes bring a whole new level of peace of mind so you can enjoy our explosive displays of flame.

If you are trying to take your entertainment to the next level, consider the Norsefyre aerial team. Our high flying acrobats glide through the air with a mixture of power and grace, adding a special element to any event. Our aerialists are trained in a variety of apparatus including lyra, silks, hammock, trapeze, net, double trapeze, and straps. We have our own portable rigging system adjustable by 4 inch increments up to 26 feet allowing us to add aerials to any need, indoors or out, without the expensive costs of structural engineers. With a team of trained riggers for set up and tear down, we handle all the legwork, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Norsefyre has its own music entertainment team, called the Fyrefoxes. Drawing inspiration from the wild mischievious kitsune spirit as their mascot, our flow performers bring a next level dazzle to any stage they grace and love to dance the night away with their vast array of led or silk flowing props. Our foxes have been spotted at major music festivals across the country including Kosmic Kingdom and Dancefestopia, and graced the stages of such major performers as Clozee and Desert Dwellers.

Renaissance Faires are some of the most wonderful events we get to be a part of. There is nothing quite like immersing yourself in the Rennie experience for the weekend and adding our fiery weaponry to the mix of entertainment for the festival. Norsefyre sets have been regular performers at faires such as Sleepy Hollow Renfaire, Renaissance Festival of Nebraska, And The Nebraska Renaissance Faire, and we dont have any intentions of stopping that streak. Come catch a Norsefyre fire and aerial set at your favorite faire, and play a round of mumbletypegs with us afterwards.

The only thing better then a circus performance is a circus performance with cool costumes. We love cosplay, as it gives us a chance to bring some of your (and our!) favorite characters to life with their magical skills to boot. Whether its intimating Fire Benders manipulating their element, or the high flying acrobatics of our Sailor Senshi, we love to add a brand new element of character development and entertainment to any con. Our roaming character groups are happy to stop for pictures and do a few parlor tricks, but the real magic can be found in our themed stage performances.

Sometimes you just need to go with a tried and true classic. Circus performance has survived the ultimate test of time, and thanks to some modern interests, has re-evolved into an ever changing every improving display of technical and acrobatic skils. Our traditional circus skills are top tier, many of our performers are classically academy trained in the entertaining art of cirque, and can cover your needs from ambient performance skills such as stilt walking, unicycle, juggling, to full stage aerial skils, partner acrobatics, or amazing acts of balance and coordination, Norsefyre has your traditional circus needs handled.

While Norsefyre appreciates a holiday show of any kind, Halloween will always hold a special place in our hearts. Any chance to get down and spooky is always most appreciated by our performers, and being able to throw down some flames to our favorite halloween music is always a crowd pleaser. We are able to use our stage performers to put on an impressive themed show sure to dazzle, and our roaming performers to scare and delight the crowd making their in line waits more enjoyable.

It takes a village to raise a circus. Or something like that. These are some of our all time favorite "behind the scenes" circus members. These arent sponsored positions, we aren't paid to recommend them, we just believe in their visions. These are are the people who make our shows possible, from photographers and costuming, to event design, without the efforts of these artistic souls we wouldn't be able to chase our dreams and bring our love of performance to you. So be sure to give them a big thank you and follow some of their other amazing projects.


DV Captures

Duane has been a Norsefyre founding member since our very beginning, even though we haven't gotten him to use a prop yet. Because of his drive and creativity, we have both grown wildly in record time. It's been an honor developing along-side him and seeing what kind of new crazy ideas he can cook up. He has a strange fascination with puddles, but trust us, it always plays out better then you expected in the end.

Dreamsenses Photography

We first encountered Bryan through the Renaissance scene as regular patrons, and he began capturing our members hearts and photos well before they were performers. We are happy to count him among our Renfaire family, and when he isnt laying down drum beats for his dance troupe Danza Mystique, he can often be found capturing our flames.

Devin Rose Photos

In a strange ironic twist, Devin left California and moved to Nebraska to run away and join the circus. She found her spot behind the lens capturing the action and can be frequently found front and center of any heavy bass music event like the rave bae she is.

Timothy Hines

Timothy has been a Norsefyre superfan since out introduction to the Sleepy Hollow Renfaire. When not found in the combat pit with The Order of Wrath he can often be found in the black and white circus tent. Timothy is definitely his own biggest critic, which keeps his drive high and his skills constantly improving, but we happen to think he is already pretty fantastic.


Windy Goat Acres

Windy Goat Acres is home base for our Iowa based circus antics. It is an artistic oasis and we capitalize on any chance to visit. With a plethora of amazing animals and activities, you don't want to miss out on their wonderful intimate events, or book a private stay for yourself through hipcamp.

Costume Makers

Berry's Closet

Berry's Closet is circus clothing created by circus performers. With a line entirely devoted to fire performance safe materials, Berry's is the place to go for stylish circus outfits designed with performer functionality and safety in mind. And it certainly doesn't hurt that everything she makes looks amazing.

MOX Living Art and Entertainment

Jess is a creative mastermind. Her schemes and ideas are far beyond anything we could dream up and her imaginative innovative creation style brings the most whimsical creations to life. Mox has the ability to add amazing living art installations to any event. From cupcake waitresses to giant puppets, her magical creations bring a new element to any event.

Brittini Gottner

Only in the circus would our blind acrobat also be our in house seamstress. Brittini's creative skills are rivalled only by her performance skills. She may not be able to see but she certainly knows her way around a sewing machine and her crafting skills are certainly nothing to bat an eye at.

Event Design

Graphic Design

Design Spider

When she isn't creating magic onstage, Ally can be found creating magic online. With 10 plus years marketing experience and an artistic eye and execution like none other, Design Spider is the perfect choice for a marketing makeover that expresses your brands own unique imagery and love for the arts.

Traditional Artists

My Own Echo

A true artist of all mediums, Ally also happens to be an event painter as well. Some of her beautiful creations have come to life in the middle of a heavy rave sets in between dance sessions.

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages! This may not be the show for you. For the rest of you wonderful creatures of the night, step right up to the greatest show on Earth! We present to you a seamless blend of professional cirque performance and sensual burlesque performance, The Kinky Circus! Let us entice you in with our aerial acrobats lighting up the sky. Allow our prop manipulation specialists to hypnotize you with skill and beauty. And if you’re lucky you may even catch sight of some scantily clad lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my!